Waterwolf at Notts RA26 (lure sales)

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Waterwolf at Notts RA26 (lure sales)

Post  Bazz on Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:47 pm

We at Notts PAC RA26 had Waterwolf with us last night. A guy called Mark Andrews, generally known as Archie Razz plus his friend Pete Healey. They sell Lures.....in a huge selection! Shocked Laughing Anything from little shads to whopping great Dawg style soft plastics....erm 12"+ long! Shocked Shocked Razz These are for trolling. The guys have some awesome fish to their credit & Archie has fished all over the world.
They were selling Fourplay type multi jointed lures. These are sold under their own label BUT are the same exact lures as Savage Fourplay, same production line etc.. but alot cheaper.
They flooded the place with Lures, he had "hundreds" with him & sold plenty.
They fish all over the Lakes & also in and around Manchester itself (they are from Oldham) & guide also, by boat & otherwise.
They sell to the tackle trade & also online. :www.waterwolf.biz


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