Grass Carp.

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Grass Carp. Empty Grass Carp.

Post  Steve French on Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:09 am

A mate of mine fished my pond yesterday, its about half an acre and has almost every species of fish in it, (except Pike, well we have not caught or seen one) We know there are at least 3 Grass Carp in here, not big ones, up to 14lbs. He was fishing on Sweet Corn and caught a Grassy, fin perfect about 8lbs, really chuffed to see it after the big freeze, and as you all know an unusual looking fish, chub like with eyes that look lower on their head than they should be Very Happy Incidentally if anyone from this forum wants to fish it just P.M me Very Happy I will try to get a photo of the Grassy posted.

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