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1st session of the year Empty 1st session of the year

Post  carpfanatic on Wed May 18, 2011 7:20 pm

Been off for a while due to various things but managed to get one in overnight.

Just got back from my first Carping session of the year on Majestic Pool, with a couple of lads from NCFF

I dropped in the peg opposite the Car Park, superjonboy next up, then his brother in the peg after.

Set about fishing one rod in open water, on Stickybaits bloodworm, tipped with fake Corn, to a size 8 widegape, with a solid PVA bag, full of bloodworm pellet and chops.
The other was dropped in the margin, same bait, same set up.

Over the open water rod i put a couple of spods sull of Bloodworm pellet, corn and chops and left it be. Margin rod i put whole boilies and some pellet over the top.

Nothing happened for a few hours apart from one positive liner.... which set the tone for everyone on the lake. To cut a long story short after a nice Tikka courtesy of John and settling down for the night, nothing happened until 3am, where i had a an aborted take on the margin rod confused

Night gave way to day, so i decided to chage tact to what had worked for me before - Corn. Put that on the open water rod and stuck with the stickybaits boilies in the margin, but began to feed corn over to top, in the hope the bright bait would get their attention. By late morning i had had a few more liners, but on the open water rig, so i changed for the all out corn attack around lunchtime and piled a load of the yellow stuff in, half a Kg of boilie and half a Kg of Pellet all on the margin spot.

...anyway Very Happy .... another hour.... nowt Very Happy

Then i decided to ring my grandad to sort out getting my gear back from college to home and then, yes, the inevitable happened, a drop back followed by a slow steady run rudly interrupted the call [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

I have to say the fight led a lot to be desired, but it was a fish nonethless and when i saw it, my heart was in my mouth. Me and John both said, 'definite 20'..... As it flashed, Nelson went through my mind, but as i drew it up to the spreader i knew it wasn't him. Anyway, got the fish out, weighed it and photo'd it - 19lb 4ozs. We couldn't believe it wasn't 20... i still can't believe it now, but i'm just glad i saved the blank.

Bit dissapointed for John and his brother, but there's always next time Surprised

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1st session of the year Empty Re: 1st session of the year

Post  Steve French on Thu May 19, 2011 9:36 am

Well done Very Happy Very Happy

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