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Post  adie1200 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:37 pm

After due consideration we the moderators think it is time to introduce a new set of rules for our site as set out below

1 The Admin and Global Moderators reserve the right to cancel Membership at any time and to delete, modify, move or lock any posts made by any Members. Although explanation is generally provided when above actions are undertaken, "PikeAngler" reserve the right to exercise these powers without explanation.

2 Healthy discussion is to be promoted, this is where the greatest learning takes place. Should a thread become too heated or appear to be going in that direction the Mods may temporarily lock the subject to allow a cooling off period. Members who continue within a new thread will have their accounts locked for a minimum 24hr period. We all get frustrated from time to time and need to settle down and a cooling off period will allow this to happen avoiding a full Forum ban.

3 Please check you are posting in the correct section of the Forum. Topics posted in the wrong sections will be moved to a more appropriate section. A PM may be sent to the original poster to let them know

4 Threads that start to appear to contain any religious, racial, political, pornographic or other provocative material deemed unsuitable by the Moderators or that develop into unrest among the Membership will be removed

5 Please be aware that Members who post personal attacks on the Forum or send via PM to other Members, Admin, Moderators, Fisheries owners, will be given a warning or banned.

6 Posts that may be abusive or contain foul language, deliberately misspelt words to avoid the swear filter or otherwise disguised may be edited / removed by the Moderators without warning

7 PikeAngle adheres to the generally accepted rules of Forum Etiquette. Posting using ALL CAPS is considered shouting and is very rude in addition to being hard on the eyes. Something may be in Caps for emphasis (e.g. I did NOT want to go!), but no post or thread heading should be entirely in Caps or have full sentences in Caps. The Mods WILL edit or remove any offending posts.
Please try to post in good old plain English, leave the text speak on the Mobile Phone.

8 Cross-posting the same post to several sections of the Forum is not acceptable and will result in one or all of the posts being deleted. If you feel you have a valid reason to cross-post then contact the Admin\Mods for clarification BEFORE posting.

9 If you do not agree to abide by these new rules please do not post on the forum, by posting you are agreeing to the rules and breaching them may result in an instant ban without warning.

The above rules may be amended or updated at any time.

Please acknowledge that these rules are in place for your protection and enjoyment of the forum and the Admin\Mods will only exercise their powers when there is need to.

We look forward to your continued support and cooperation

Thank you from
The pikeangler staff


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