Making a Comeback

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Making a Comeback

Post  Roly on Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:56 pm

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to drop a line! no pun intended there......
Just signed up last week made a post or two re a river in flood and got great infromation and advice many thanks to all.
About myself Im in Ireland and used to fish the midlands, Mask, Corrib and Carra...... just river fishing now in Leinster but I may look into going to Lough Ennell over the next couple of months.
So Im attempting a fishing comeback!! after starting a family a number of years ago. Starting out with some semi casual lure fishing over the summer months / river research and watercraft.
Hope I may be of help to people on the forum in the future and if I ask a stupid question its only because I dont know the answer (but hopefullly there wont be too much of that on my part)

Self confessed Mick Brown fan,

Greetings from Ireland and regards all

Roly ps was out for a half day today with lures "Blanked" river still very high and the colour is not great and more rain forecast Crying or Very sad

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