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Post  Bryanmcdonald on Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:59 pm

I have been pike fishing about 4 times now, I have caught 10 pike (luck), all smallish, but will these fish will eat any thing?
Floating devon minnows (Alcocks), blue and white, the pike followed them around like they were on drugs right up to the bank no more than the lenght of my rod away. But the only thing is I had a lot of takes but not many catches.
Small spinners, just plain gold, caught a few on that, rapalas bleeding shad and minnow luers.
Also caught a couple on a yellow body spinners.
I caught my best one on a savage gear perch swim bait.
Thing is the devon minnow is very easy to use and when its weedy it appears to work well, just the hooks dont appear to be big or strong enough to do the job.
Am I doing something wrong or it that just pike fishing? Or do I need to get crafty and sort out a hook to do the job with the minnow?

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