First pike trip...not.

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First pike trip...not. Empty First pike trip...not.

Post  hurricane on Fri Nov 09, 2012 6:24 pm

The original plan was for a trip on the Severn or the Avon,but after viewing the farsons web cams a change of plan was called for.
And so it was at first light we ended up on a local canal that holds a few zander,most are only schoolies but the odd bigger fish shows up now and again.
Baz"s float had hardly settled on the first cast of the day when off it slid,a fish of about 3lb was quickly returned and the other half of the roach was dropped into the same spot and within 2 minutes was away again at the same time mine was away and it was a double hook up,another 3 ish for Baz and a 5-6lber for me,we were gonna empty the place.
Despite trying numerous swims no more fish coud be tempted until dark,when Baz tempted his new canal pb at just over 5lb so a quick pic was in order before fighting our way through the Brummie trafic to get home.
First pike trip...not. Zander10

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