After a tandem kayak? Consider the Mahee. 1st look.

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After a tandem kayak? Consider the Mahee. 1st look.

Post  izzetafox on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:52 pm

A nice green Mahee arrived last week for review. I place orders for rod holders and seats direct from Fatyak.
The extra hardware I needed, anchortrolley, rivets, bolts and nyloks etc were ordered from the ever reliable Neil at H2O. Execellent service and delivery as ever. ;D

The Mahee is the big sister to the already popular and respected Kaafu a single seater.
The Mahee is capable of taking two adults and a child in the middle. Specification is

Length = 3850 mm Just over 12ft 6"
Width = 830 mm
Height = 390 mm
Weight = 30kgs
Capacity = 200 kgs

The hull has adequate drainage via 10 scuppers and those in the rear footwell have a recess in the bottom to suit a transducer.
There is, just like on the Kaafu, shaping on the hull to give a skeg effect. If it works as well as on the Kaafu I will be pleased.

Fatyak have fitted a lot in. there is a storage well with bungee and scuppers at the rear.

Two seating areas with the standard moulded footrests and each paddler has a sealed storage area. Note an improvement from the Kaafu is a drainage channel in the foot area to speed the flow of water to the scuppers.

In front of each storage is the mould bung with a surrounding flat area, perfect for accessories. Note the lids are secured to a screw point in the hull.

The rear seat also has a shallow recess for keeping loose bits and bobs plus a further flat area just right for a fishfinder.
The storage lids are really tight, great for keeping them dry but hard to open. A quick spray of silicon and add a tag of string and life is much easier.

Like the Kaafu the Mahee has moulded solid handles front, rear and sides. These make life very easy for lifting and carrying.

This model came with the a pair of rod holders behind the rear seat and in the bows. They are fitted in moulded flat recessed areas, the rear set are placed in the standard place but the front ones are a bit of a reach for the fuller figure like mine, they may suit slimmer people better. They are however ideal for carrying rods clear of the deck area and safe from paddling. I would recommend fitting a rod holder on the mold bung though.

There are loads of loops and pad-eyes for accessories and seats these are all good quality and bolted to 'encapsulated threads making them quality fixings.

Fresh from the bag this looks and feels a very well made kayak but not quite a fishing kayak for me yet...... Wink

So first and easiest was changing the bungee on the rear. As fitted it is a zig-zag through pad-eyes but on the Kaafu I found it a bit awkward for me. So for the Mahee I took the bungee out, cut it in half and re-tied it with a hook in the middle of each length. As you will see the straps can now be removed and pulled over items in the well,

Next was getting access to the inside of the hull. If you have a Dremel style tool just fit a little metal disc cutter and 5 minutes on each of the storage holes and you have access to the sides of the hull and the flate areas previously mentioned for accessories.

I had brought a couple of Ram 324 ball joint rod holders direct from Fatyaks. Four 5mm drill holes made....

Note the recessed area has come in handy already.

Four blobs of sealant, 4 stainless bolts and nyloks ( have a ring spanner handy) and the ball is secure just a wipe with a damp cloth to tidy up, One tip when using nyloks inside the hull make sure you have them the right way up before you put your hand inside the hull to save fiddling later.

Next came the anchor trolley. As with the Kaafu I went for the easy option and brought a set from H2O Kayaks which comes with rope, pad-eyes, pulleys, rivets and nuts, zig zag cleat and a large plastic ring. I added the now standard carabiner for versatility.
I also added two bungee loops. Two 5mm holes either end and a blob of sealant for the padeyes. I threaded the bungee through before pulling the rivets through. At this point I should say how much I like the H2O trifold rivets, they have added silicone and neoprene for better seals. Neil still recommends a blob of sealant though. Belts and braces.... Smile

A nice compleat and easy to fit kit.

All done and ready for the water in a couple of days.

Just a quick look with seat and rod holder.

The kayak, Ruk seats and Ram 340 rod holders from Fatyak direct.

Trolley kit, and fixings from H2O kayaks.



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