RTM Abaco Preview pictures.

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RTM Abaco Preview pictures.

Post  izzetafox on Sat Feb 23, 2013 2:16 pm

RTM Abaco??? Never heard of it I hear you say!

Neither had I until very recently. I set about a search for a review but I could not find a single review by a UK angler.
That will change now, I have one in my garage for a short while .

Firstly ... who are RTM?
RTM have been around for quite some years, they are based in France and for some time were the European manufacturers for a leading brand of kayak. Many will know of the RTM Tempo which is very, very similar to the classic and sadly discontinued Scupper Pro. The hull is virtually the same but the cockpit has been modified, some say improved some say not, I am not here to argue the point.
However the main point is that RTM are Europe's largest kayak manufacturer and are surprisingly unknown in the UK by angling kayakers.

The Abaco is their flagship kayak so let's start with the kayak as it sits on my drive.

The Grey Storm colouring is definitely striking and easy on the eye. The first thing you notice is as you run your hands over the kayak it has a very clean smooth finish.

Let's start from the bows

The access is sealed by a rubber, 'Tupperware' style lid. Very tight and I would guess the seal is improved by this tightness. Open up and the bow storage is vast.

Widest point is 35cm for 55cm then narrowing down. Big enough for a C-Tug I hear you ask?

Split right down and with the chassis at full length:

But then there is this clever idea:

Do you get fed up of bits getting lost down the hull? Just drop this in and problem solved.

Just behind this is a small flat area with a bungy for lure boxes or bolt on accessories. Either side of this there are two more flat areas.

The footwell area is flat with a slight run off to the two scuppers.

There is a pair of adjustable foot pegs and on the gunwhales an aluminium channel suitable for the bolt on type accessories.

Accessories just like this rod tube that comes with the Abaco:

Then we have the central storage area the lid secured with two clipped straps.

The lid would be ideal for screwing a fish finder or other accessories to but I guess the old 'cutting board' backplate would be safest.

You will notice a familiar tube for storing a fishing rod that runs to the stern.
Current length of the tube is 37" 95cm with the additional length of the storage box of 21" 55cm.

The storage box has a ridge at the other end that could be used as a battery area, a little mod with a strap or bungy to secure it so long as you are confident the area is dry enough.

Either side of the cockpit are recesses with rubber mesh covers for pliers forceps etc.

Also in the footwell is a moulded in ruler, not very long but more than adequate for most of the fish I catch.

Behind the seat area is the pair of expected rod holders.

Immediately behind the seat is a recess, with a small but easily changed bungee.
The dimensions of this recess are: 32.5cm x 16cm and 11cm deep and this means it is a perfect fit for the popular Flambeau box.

We then move to the rear storage area. The main oblong area is 46cm x 47cm and 13cm deep with an area of another 45cm to the stern. With two scuppers.

Right let's turn her over.

It is always difficult to try and show the hull profile but here is a look.

You will see the transducer styled scupper too:

Running on both sides is a nice groove to keep the paddle secure when under the keeper.

Something that will appeal to one or two anglers are these sockets specifically designed to take the RTM stabilisers.

Finally I am trying out one of RTM's own brand seats. These are made from closed cell foam with the standard four adjustable straps. The back is designed to be tightened to wrap around you. It is certainly comfortable on land I will test it on water next week.

The underside.

In situ

Two each of these lure boxes come free. A small standard box and a nice clip closure double sided lure box.

I almost forgot an innovative little hole in the stern:

Now you may have used kayaks with a fixed wheel. This can sometimes work well and sometimes not. Often it clogs or is to narrow to be stable.
Wit the Abaco you can thread a bar though and slot on two pneumatic tyres. This is not the answer to all you problems but hey it works on many surfaces and is a great idea.

I can see this as a very versatile kayak, with great potential for modding. Judging by the profile and by one or two videos on Youtube it is very sea worthy.
Hopefully next week I will get to paddle it and I will add a 'wet' review.

If you want to know more or think I have missed a photo you want just shout.


Here are RTM's specifications and dimensions for the Abaco:

1 Adjustable footrests set
2 intergrated rod holders
1 adjustable rod holder
16 deck line D-rings
8 D-rings - 1 bouyancy foam block kit
4 carry handles - 1 drain plug
2 lateral paddle keepers
1 central hatch
1 molded ruler to measure fish
1 4-hole scupper plug kit
2 recessed areas for bag, barrel
1 front hatch cover
2 aluminium lateral tracks
2 rubber stowage pockets
1 ABACO front case
1 rod tube
2 large lure boxes
2 small lure boxes

Length (cm): 420 13ft 9in
Width (cm): 72 28 1/2in
Height (cm): 30
Weight (kg): 27 60lbs
Max. Capacity (kg): 180 400lbs
Max paddler weight (kg) : 130


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