savage gear boat sladle

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savage gear boat sladle

Post  coops440 on Mon Jan 26, 2015 7:10 pm

been using one of thee for a little while. bought it at half price on ebay for 30-00 as well. this is a great piece of kit if you are in a boat on your own, as you can lift the pike straight from the net into the sladle which sits across the sides of the boat on two telescopic poles. you pull them out to suit your boat width.this then solves all the hassle of the fish rolling around in the bottom of the boat with no carpet and also negates the need for an unhooking mat as the fish is suspended in the rubber mesh between the sides of the boat.
simple but boy does it make unhooking and fish welfare a doddle. plus your not having to bend right over in a boat. when the hooks are out it also doubles as a weigh sling with two centre handles to take the scales hook.once weighed you simply place the sladle in the water and when the fish is ok it will move off under its own steam.
a really, really simple and decent bit of kit. 10/10 in my book if you do a bit of boat fishing in rented boats without padding. Very Happy


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