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Savage Gear Roadrunner. Empty Savage Gear Roadrunner.

Post  gduk on Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:54 am

Hi, I am after a Roadrunner, the trigger version, I have decided fixed spools are too easy and would like to swear more and possibly throw a set up in a river up after yet another birdsnest.
I heard the new version is a bit stiff, its rated 70 grams, medium action,has anyone used one? Handled one?
I bought a Finesse, bought the wrong one, bought a 7-25 (wanted for Bass in Canada) needed the 18 so have punted brand new on fleabay , but need a bit of feedback before I go for for the Roadrunner.


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Savage Gear Roadrunner. Empty Re: Savage Gear Roadrunner.

Post  dave van dessel on Sat Nov 14, 2015 12:21 pm

In my experience
A reel is harder to get the hang of but once your use to it
You won't want to use a fixed spool again
It's east to stop of with the thumb
And if you get a take really close bang on the cast but on
And you can let him run under preasure controlled by thumb on spool
And if u set it up right you don't wig it up
Just tighten spool til a jerk on the rod alows the bait to drop only a few inches
I personally use a west in w3 jerk (heavy tip cast weight 130 g)
I even use this for light lures and in my experience
The stiffer the rod the more action you can twitch into your bait
Just be realistic and don't try cast anything under 14 grams
dave van dessel
dave van dessel

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