beginners guide to lure angling on small water

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beginners guide to lure angling on small water

Post  dave van dessel on Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:19 pm

Lures are my thing
I'm very in to small waters witch you can completely comb out
Over the years I have picked up a few things I want to share with anyone who bothers to read this
The single most important piece of kit for any lure angler before an expensive rod or reel is a good pair of Polaroid sunglasses
Some of the other important things for a lure angler are
-amount of light and water clarity
-Water temperature
-time of year
-wind direction
-whitefish anglers

Allow me to elaborate
A clear bright sunny day makes for pleasant fishing
But it makes conditions far from ideal for lures the trace is effectively a black line against the bright sky
And even flouro carbon seriously catches the light especially on clear water
On these days the last half hour of the day usually produces fish

A cloudy day on the other hand with clear water makes for great fishing conditions and the catches will be reflected by this

It always pays to adjust your lure and presentation towards the time of year
And clarity of the water
Clear water call for natural coloured lures
Where murky water calls for bright

whitefish anglers are a sea of knowledge
Not only are they good for fresh roach
But they will be able to tell you what's available as natural food for the pike
So you can adjust your lure accordingly
And in winter especially the presence of whitefish anglers is a good indication of where the pike are at
Because the pike follow their prey to where they winter

Winter conditions
The truth is that many people believe you need massive bait in the winter
I don't entirely agree yes they are sluggish and it sometimes takes a big lure but usually an average size lure will do just fine
It's all about how you present your lure, a very slow pace with a suspending lure with a lot of long (3 seconds) stops
Is devastating in winter they see a slow moving (easy to catch) prey
And when it stops is when the assault comes

After spawning there is a large presence of fry so it pays to use small lures

The rest of the year a 12 to 14 cm lure will do just fine

Make sure to try different paces of retrieve
Don't just retrieve
Give it a good tug once in a while, speed up, slow down
But most importantly have fun
Try to get as much out of your lure on every cast
You would be surprised what kind of movement you can get out of a lure with a stiff rod
Don't get blinded by the amount of lures out there
Find 3 or 4 you like and get to know them, find out what they can do
And in the process you will not keep your hands clean
I have 100s but it's usually the same 3 that go swimming

And finally the rod and reel
This is very much a personal thing
Fixed spool, reel, stiff rod , light rod
It's all about what you like
Some people prefer a more forgiving rod as it's nicer to play fish on
Others like myself prefer a heavy jerkbait rod as it directs a lure like no other
But most importantly you have to take into account the fact that you are holding it all day
It has to suit you! don't let anybody else make up your mind on this
Make sure YOU find it comfortable to hold and cast al day
And make sure you like the way it makes your lures dance

So I believe I've bored everybody enough
If there are questions or anything feel free to pm

dave van dessel

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Re: beginners guide to lure angling on small water

Post  lowdouble on Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:38 am

Very good advice Dave, a beginner would find all that information useful. fair play☺

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