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Big pike on lures  Empty Big pike on lures

Post  Flyfishin on Sat Nov 05, 2016 7:52 pm

Hi lads

Recently I've been fishing a local river having some mixed results.. there's some big pike in it personally seen a big fish follow my lure in.. an angler has caught a 24lb on lures 24cm reel eel so there in it Razz but I've not fished that much in rivers mostly in lakes and I've got some good doubles but no 20's ( in lakes) . Most of my lures are shallow runners like the swim and jerk savage gear, have switched to some Storm wildeye live curl pike lures and seem to better but I'd really like to get a decent pike on lures is there any advice you'd suggest ? I use a spinning rod 30-70g and I normally don't be casting out heavy lures normally 50g.
Any advice ?
Also another thing is there any need to get a jerkbait rod ?

Thanks FF.


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Big pike on lures  Empty Re: Big pike on lures

Post  stubbo on Fri Dec 16, 2016 1:31 pm

personally I like big heavy lures and the correct gear to cast these big rubbers and the likes
I have a jerk bait rod capable of casting 150 gm or even heavier match this with 80lb power pro braid
even small jack pike take these , so don't think you are targeting big fish all the time
but when the time arrive when a very big pike hits your lure , you will be in a good chance of landing the fish on the correct gear,
good luck on the river venue Very Happy

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