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Jerkbait setup  Empty Jerkbait setup

Post  Flyfishin on Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:22 am

Hi lads

Just looking for some recommendations for a new jerkbait setup for heavy lures, basically looking for a nice lure rod for casting heavy lures like strike pro wolf tails, squirrely burts etc so up to around 100g I was looking at Savage gear woody light 2pc upto 100g not sure though would it be a bit light gram wise to cast the lures I would like to cast
Reel wise I'd like to get an abu Garcia ambassador c3 but i wouldn't mind changing it as it's bit high up on the rod if you get me
Any suggestions lads?
Don't want to spend to much as I've found the abu cheap and the woody light cheap too. Don't really have a budget but cheaper would be better..

EDIT: Sorry for double post the threads Could a Admin Close down the other one?

Cheers ff


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