Northern Raid

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Northern Raid

Post  admandino on Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:52 am

I really want to go on a Northern Raid. I used to go up a lot to popular, well known venues and also to mid popular, i.e one where you had to phone the land owner to ask permission but really he just said yes. One side was a farmers field and he may come out and have a beer with you just as readily as he may come out and shout at you! But I am sat at my desk, "working" and thinking about large girls swimming about waiting for my baits.

I would love to go to proper rural, walk for 30 mins over waste ground to find venues too, but never have. One day, just one day. Lets arrange it...

Right.................... Rant over! hahahah Embarassed Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Embarassed

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