Targeting piscivorous trout

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Targeting piscivorous trout Empty Targeting piscivorous trout

Post  J Robinson on Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:56 pm

I spend a lot of time at the local trout fishery catching mainly roach, but some trout and pike too. Over the past couple of years there have been some huge trout stocked, some of which have been caught once and returned and others that have never been caught. Noted fish include a 15lb blue, an 18lb brownie and rainbows at 19lbs and 22lbs. It's a fairly small (but very deep - 44ft at it's deepest) water and had they been caught, it would have been noted. Had they died, they would have been found. So they are still in there.

The chances are that they have all been hooked since, but the percentage of anglers there who could land such a fish are fairly small. I've pulled snapped off gear out of 4lb brownies (and the line was considerably stronger than 4lb usually).

My line of thinking is that large fish require large amounts of food. No amount of flies or invertebrates are going to sustain such fish. The gigantic head of roach in there is enough to sustain the piscivorous head of brown trout, but I feel the smaller (circa 5-20 gram) roach in margins are too small. I reckon the large trout are targeting the large roach (4oz and up) that are presently holed up in the deep.

Having never targeted large trout before, I think that a pike-esque approach could work. Big smelly deadbaits, cast into the deepest holes. Half a mackerel, or something similar. I've never seen a trout of 20lbs, but it must have a large enough mouth to take a bait like that. I wonder whether it would bother with smaller bait?

Any advice is much appreciated.
J Robinson
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