carp on the top

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carp on the top

Post  stubbo on Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:35 pm

been out today on a local venue , had some crackers of the top , and some real fighters on the pellet wag just under the surface 15lb line straight through they still managed to get to the weed bed , my arms are still aching really enjoyed myself today. affraid

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Re: carp on the top

Post  J Robinson on Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:55 pm

I've been enjoying carp fishing so much this summer. The carp in Scotland are dinky by British standards, but as yet I've had them to 17lb 4oz on the pole and 13lb 9oz off the top.

My absolute favourite method is off the surface, on either dog biscuit or pop up boilie. I bought a centrepin the other day, have worked on my longer casts in the field and intend to fish it with a bolt bubble (float) in the morning with bread. Can't wait to see what an 8lb carp (that's the average size off the surface a the venue I fish) feels like with my thumb for drag.

I'll get some photos posted if I get anything noteworthy tomorrow. Cool

I've yet to try pellet waggler, but it is very effective where I go. I struggle to bring myself off the surface, even when conditions aren't ideal.

I've found feeding standard floating carp pellets (the type you'd feed to koi) to be a great way to build the swim, and a laser pen is completely effective at scaring the ducks away. They are so terrified of it that they take off the moment the beam intersects them. Best 3 on eBay I've ever spent!

J Robinson

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