Pike venues in East Devon and West Somerset

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Pike venues in East Devon and West Somerset Empty Pike venues in East Devon and West Somerset

Post  J Robinson on Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:52 pm

Hi all.

We moved to the West Country at the end of the July, and I'm really keen to find a few venues locally to get myself started on. I'm an experienced and competent angler and if anyone would be so kind as to share the location of a few nice venues locally, I'd be very grateful. I've not had much time since moving as I've been very busy with work, and whilst I've had a few jacks on the local canal, it's not really scratched the pike itch.

In an ideal world, my perfect lake is 5-15 acres with plenty of features and very peaceful. I'm not looking for monsters, but I do like a few runs. An estate lake with fish averaging high singles to low doubles would do me nicely.

Please only message me locations. Nothing posted on the public forum.

Thanks in advance.
J Robinson
J Robinson

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