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2nd session of the year Empty 2nd session of the year

Post  carpfanatic on Sun May 22, 2011 7:04 pm

Well, decided on friday i fancied doing saturday night somewhere and it was a top up between Fosters and Fosse Hill. I knew the latter would be packed to the rafters, so i opted for Fosse Hill, praying i would be able to find at least somewhere devoid of Noddies on the complex affraid

Had a wonder round and i didn't like what i saw, the areas i fancied were taken by an armada of Noddies, fishing in every which direction, but i found a quiet little corner on the Speccy pond (Pond 2) which i fancied as most of the pressure on there was at the other side of the lake, so i figured the fish might be backing off those areas.

Tactics were bloodworm tipped with corn on the left hand rod and then Corn on the right hand rod.

Anyway, all was well, got the rods in..... and yes, the inevitable happened affraid affraid ......Noddy invasion a few swims down..... The tent peg braying started.... then the talking loudly... so i took it upon myself to give them a mild talking to.... let them borrow my rubber mallet so that all the Carp weren't getting out of the lake and running away, and asked them to be quiet as i was fishing a little bay and i didn't want their noise putting the fish off coming in to the bay. It was the typical, 'a couple fishing and then half a dozen mates with a fookoad of Stella routine', but in all fairness after the first talking to they weren't too bad Very Happy

As afternoon drew in to evening and the only sign of a fish i had was the bobbin rising to the blank and dropping down again....... Long story short, the night was fairly un-productive and at about 3am it lashed it down for a good hour or two. At about 5am though i got an ALMIGHTY run on the bloodworm ;D ;D Couldn't have got a better definition of a screamer. Never paused from hooking itself to me picking the rod up.

Resulted in this lovely, bristling fin perfect Common of 10lb 1oz ;D

2nd session of the year 229086_10150181573335981_724975980_7330145_4066650_n

Then things went back to being slow again, although i had a few more liners here and there. By now the wind was blowing a royal howler Surprised

At about 2.30pm though i got a few bleeps on the same rod and a drop back and i was in again Very Happy

This resulted in a very spirited battle from this 10lb 2oz Mirror Wink

2nd session of the year 225801_10150181574430981_724975980_7330154_7382906_n

..and that was that. Not too bad in the end i guess. I would go back again, but midweek if so Very Happy

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2nd session of the year Empty Re: 2nd session of the year

Post  Andy Macfarlane on Mon May 23, 2011 6:06 am

Lovely looking common that!
Andy Macfarlane
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