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Floodwater feeder rods Empty Floodwater feeder rods

Post  CRIB on Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:49 am

Has anyone got experience of heavy feeder fishing on the river after barbel.
I did a session casting 6oz loaded feeders into the middle of the Trent, these were only just holding bottom. At the end of the session I had broken one of my Greys Xflite 2.75tc by the top eye, I noticed that the rod was hollow construction at the tip, so not sure if the blank was damaged or was not man enough for repeated casting of big feeders.
I was told that when the river is in flood in the winter I will need to step up to 8oz feeders to hold in the flow.
I now have to decide what is the best way to procede with rods, do I go cheap and cheerful and replace as I break them or look for a specialist rod which should last.
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Floodwater feeder rods Empty Re: Floodwater feeder rods

Post  nickcarpy on Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:40 pm

ive used 7/8 oz feeders on same rods and been ok?might be a dodgy blank?thy do a lifetime guarantee but it cost for p@p which is about £20..heard a few storys about a bad batch but mine been ok Very Happy

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