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crayfish!!! Empty crayfish!!!

Post  popupfish.finger on Sat Dec 24, 2011 10:14 pm

i was fishing a nice part of the river kennet today and see many pike some good ones to, but only managed to hook one jack on a wobbled dead bait, every time i placed my bait for more than a few mins they were on it like flies on poo!! i tried poping baits up, paternosters, trotting off the bottom with floats, sea baits, fresh water baits, but they still got me bad pulling in 4 crays on almost every reel in. just wondered if anyone had any advice to overcome this or does everyone feel as annoyed as me with these things. Evil or Very Mad also i noticed pike were almost rolling over like a carp then diving down to the bottom giving a big plume of bubbles im not sure if they eat crays that much any help i would be very great full, thanks.


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