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My take on BIG water trolling.

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My take on BIG water trolling. Empty My take on BIG water trolling.

Post  lowdouble on Sat Dec 15, 2018 4:15 pm

I know its a niche aspect to fishing and very few anglers get the chance to fish 10,000 plus acre waters,  but if you do Wink   heres my tips on how to get the best from them.  Dont be too harsh on me its just for fun Wink

I have a real preference for boat fishing,  the accessibility is second to none and theres so many methods to be utilised,    i get fixated on the 15ft to 45ft areas on the sloping sides of a deep hole as the pike love a feature where the prey fish will swim above their line of sight.,  On shallower venues i visit them in the summer to see where the big weed beds are as in the winter the dying mounds are magnets for pike and here i would just float troll baits a couple of feet off the bottom.  But on these huge Irish loughs its the deep water that holds the majority of the big girls☺
I know my waters like the back of my hand as ive been round them so many times,  i always head for the deep water areas first and spend ten minutes looking for bait fish shoals on the fishfinder,  not necessarily to fish them,  but to see at what depths due to thermoclines and water temps they are sitting at.   You will often find them suspended at 25 to 30 ft  even in 100ft + of water.    When youve located the depth of them, its now hows the best method to catch the pike that are surely in attendance.  I use 4 rods where possible (2 anglers)  and use a varied attack.  2 rods will be float trolled with the use of planer boards to get a wider spread and cover more area as some shoals can be 100yds wide i kid you not.  I always run a shallow 10ft  bait and a medium depth 20ft  bait on the float troll rods,  just to see what they prefer on the day,  never fish all rods the same until you find whats happening on a given session and then change accordingly.    I will then use 2 rods with my trollernostering  or bottom bouncing setups.   Even though i may not be tripping the lead on the bottom its a great search method for deep water pike, I fish one rod at the same depth as the shoals   and a second rod about  5ft under the shoals as thats likely where the pike will be sitting,  looking up at her lunch.  Any sunken island or unusual hump on the lough bed is a god sent feature,  Pike love structure,  even an old sunken boat is perfect and you would be surprised how many of those there are☺   or even cars Stubbo☺

I often fish the same 3 baits,  purely for trolling ease.  Roach, trout and herring have the right shape for slow trolling, 0.8 to 1.2mph seems the best  not spinning too fast but rolling nice and slow.  Perch,  rudd,  bream and hybrids with their high backs seem to spin too fast and it seems less affective and very unnatural.   The problem with baits revolving too fast is terrible line twist and tangles,  i will show you my rigs later that I make myself,  they work perfectly and stop 95%  of the twist,  maybe more.

The next problem with trolling is actually setting the hooks,  I generally use 6 or 8oz baits,  and the usual method  is to mount them with a single hook through the head and 2 size 2 trebles buried in the flanks of the bait,  its extremely hard to strike the hooks out of the flesh and into the pike so ive devised what seems to work extremely well for me.  Instead of a 50%  hookup ratio i am currently 80%+.   Its called the” rubber band rig”   and as you aren’t casting the baits,  purely letting them down its perfect,  the rubber band is fed through the eyes of the bait using a baiting needle,   this keeps the bait straight for trolling but the stretch of the band during a strike lets the modified hooks (one bent backwards) to pull from the bait easily.  The added bonus is you more often than not get your bait back,   and as it swings outside the pikes mouth they don’t have the ability to lever the hooks out of their mouths with the weight of the bait.  Win win☺    

The action part of my rigs is also devised and made by me,   its suitable for float trolling and trollernostering in the beep waters.   It involves a rubber tulip bead which locks onto the 100lb swivel,  this gives a fixed point for the swivel to spin and not twist your mainline,  but in the event of a break off the lead can easily slide off the mainline so theres no chance of tethering a poor pike with a 4oz lead. Attach that to a piece of 3.2mm rigid rig tube and add a Roberts rig bead and clip.  Its the same for both styles,  either use a float and a stop knot for fixed depth trolling.   Or on the trollernostering bottom bouncing rig,  you attach a weak link 8lb maxima of about 4ft from the lead to the rig.  This enables you to effectively drag bottom with the lead but keep the hooks and bait away from rocks and snags,  far better to lose a lead then leave baited hooks down in the depths.

So heres the gritty part.   I fish 70lb braid,   then a 100lb swivel and cross lock link,   attach to that about 24” of 60lb fluorocarbon and then 18” of your chosen trace wire,  and eventually the rubber band rig.  Its a ball ache but its worth it honestly.  The flouro is purely to get the bait away from the curious looking 4oz lead,  and the longer length gives the bait a better action.  I also vary my trolling speeds,  accelerate and nearly stop,  this gives the bait a fluttering style and induces loads of takes as the bait drops.  Pike on the camera can follow for minutes,  as soon as the bait changes speed or stops BANG!!!!   Thats about it really,  but I need to add this is how I troll lures too.  Floats force baits to not dive too deep and the trollernostering can get any lure of any size to great depths.  

The proof is the 13lb 9oz trout was caught on a lure designed to dive 6ft,  I ran it at 45ft on the trollernostering rig with 6oz of lead to get deep.  Perfect☺

My take on BIG water trolling. Sh_pb_10

My take on BIG water trolling. Dv_25l10

My take on BIG water trolling. Img_2024

My take on BIG water trolling. Img_2025

My take on BIG water trolling. Img_2026

My take on BIG water trolling. Img_2027

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My take on BIG water trolling. Empty found you blog

Post  stubbo on Sat Dec 15, 2018 6:14 pm

very informative andy , think I get the jist of it pal will give it ago andy

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