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Post  noodle on Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:44 am

not another lure review i hear you cry

well for a few years now ive been using the Ace sweetshads in both sizes 66 and 150 these numbers relate to the weight of the lure so if your tempted by the 150 make sure your rod/reel/braid combo is up to throwing five ounces of lure

ok to start with the larger of the two these are quite wide swinging glidebaits that either float or sink very slowly.
they have a huge prescence in the water and with the usual pulls and taps you can make this baits presence known to pike in the general area.
finish wise it is kitted with decent stainless fixtures, and nowadays comes with an envirotex finish earlier models were laquered and subsequently the finish came of fairly quickly
this lure is probably the reason im hooked on jerkbaiting and its only now that im beginning to put other lures in the same class as it (see my other two reveiws)

now the smaller on the 66 over the finish everything i have said above is valid but this does fish a little differently as in it works with far shorter glides id go as far as saying it just swaps directions with gentle taps any strong pulls on the rod does see this bait loose its tracking and go of course for me. Having said that it is quite usefull to just use this on an almost stead retrieve with the occasional tap thrown in with practice you can get this lure to work around marginal weeds and cover by tapping the rod to get the lure to move out from weeds etc then using a straight pull/retrieve on the new course tap again and get it to move more in the same direction

these baits are available from quite a few sources, i mainly use
or check out ebay for them as well from the same seller he quite often has deals on seconds on there

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