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fish tank for sale

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fish tank for sale Empty fish tank for sale

Post  t7ommy on Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:08 pm

got a 4ft fish tank for sale with wooden stand and lid exelent condition 100 quid if any of u guys know of any1 got all the lights and heater with it pm me for more details, Very Happy

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fish tank for sale Empty Re: fish tank for sale

Post  Andy Macfarlane on Wed Nov 12, 2008 8:31 pm

Why are you selling it Tommy? I have a 70 gallon tank but I'm living my parents' house at the moment and I can't set it up but I'd have it up in a flash, more to keep homegrown species like Roach and little Mirrors in now. It used to have tropical fish in it but I think I'd be more fascinated by our own species these days and there's no doubt that many are just as pretty. A little Roach is a lovely thing, almost the same as a Tinfoil Barb. I know some of our species are harder to keep, like Perch and Pike and high oxygen demand species require specialised equipment but most of the Cypranids are straightforward and Loaches and Sticklebacks would add a little variety.

PS: Here's a funny thing. When I checked this post with the spell-checker, it decided that Cypranids should be Paranoids.....lol
Now how did it know that???
Andy Macfarlane
Andy Macfarlane

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