Hi from NorthWest.

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Hi from NorthWest.

Post  sam0402 on Wed May 08, 2013 10:36 pm

Hey everyone,

Just started getting back into pike angling after taking a few years out, I'm from around Chorley, Near preston. I'm not currently in any fishing clubs though and all I've been fishing is the canal near me (I won't say the name but it isn't too hard to figure out and there isn't any fish in there anyway) which so far has been very dissapointing. I would greatly appreciate any information on day-ticket waters that are good for pike (PM Smile ), I'm currently more interested in catching more pike as opposed to bigger pike. I usually lure fish along the canal until I find somewhere nice enough to settle down at which point I get out another rod and switch the tackle on my spinning rod over and have two float fished dead baits (sprats/sardine/mackerel) out. I've made about 10/15 trips out so far this year though following the same plan and the only thing I've caught is perch that aren't even as big as my lure!

I already know all the basics of pike fishing and have all the correct tackle I'm just hoping someone can give me a change of scenery or some more fish Sad

Decided to edit a few things, firstly I completely understand if you don't want to tell me anywhere. I'm not looking for exact swims and details, more just a few more waters to try out, I understand you probably don't want me stealing any of your favourite spots haha. Secondly I will tell you a bit more about myself in the hopes you might come to trust me a bit more. I'm not going to be stealing any fish and making supper, if you really want I will scan my passport for you to check Smile I admit sometimes when I go fishing I do drink especially if it's a nice summers day I will usually take a couple of cold beers with me, it isn't as though I'm going to be any worse at fishing by doing this, and since I take home all my rubbish I see no problem with that. I will also be more than happy to admit I'm lazy, I'm not going to be making any fires or having BBQ's because to create these requires too much effort for me, I would much rather just take a couple of sandwich's and a flask of coffee, and if it's too cold for coffee to help, then I admit I probably won't go fishing. I don't know what else I can say about myself to help, I would be more than happy to go pike fishing with someone else on this forum if they want to get to know me and it doesn't require me travelling for more than an hour haha Smile

Many thanks, sam

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Re: Hi from NorthWest.

Post  noodle on Thu May 23, 2013 3:32 pm

sam you have a pm incoming that may help

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