Hello from Brisbane, Australia

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Hello from Brisbane, Australia Empty Hello from Brisbane, Australia

Post  Kuvasz on Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:59 am

Hello, I'm from Brisbane Australia and I've joined to do some lurking and maybe ask a few stupid questions and trawl for free advice.

As to what a colonial is doing on here...

I've wanted to catch a pike since I read Swallows and Amazons at age 6. There's no pike in Australia, so 24 years later and this June I'm finally getting the opportunity to fulfill that dream. I'm visiting the Lake District, staying at Coniston. I'd really love to catch one there but I'll have a hire car so I'll go anywhere if it gives me a better chance.

There's a few things I know and a lot of things I don't, so I'll be spending the next couple of days doing some solid research and then maybe start a thread with any questions I have left.

If anyone is interested in any of the fishing I do, please feel free to ask.

Thanks for having me!

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Hello from Brisbane, Australia Empty Re: Hello from Brisbane, Australia

Post  piketastic on Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:50 pm

Hi mate. Welcome to you. Enjoy!

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