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River Severn Pike and Perch

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River Severn Pike and Perch Empty River Severn Pike and Perch

Post  edbeartwo on Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:00 am

Hi, I have been lucky on the Severn recently, from south of the bridge at Worcester several fair Perch in one session on Ondex spinners, which they seem to love, the old Mepps worked well as well. 3 Pike of 2-6 pounds in the same area on old (re-built) Snapdragon plugs.

Further downstream, did really well with 3 Pike up to 8 pounds, all on a Fox "Big Jim" jointed lure, and several small medium Perch, again on the Ondex.

(the fox is pushing it for my rod weight wise, but I thought I would try a "modern" plug to see how it went...really impressed with the action of the thing, and was only using underhand swing casts close in so as not to strain the rod).

And last Friday near Tewksbury, within 4 casts (in 2 different locations) two crackers of 8 and 13 pounds, real scrappers both, both taken on an Allcock's copper / silver spoon at quite long range.

I only can get out one day a week, for 4 hours max, so seem to be doing well. I have been going for 4 weeks, ie. 4 days, and have only had one blank!

The Upton area in particular has a lot of snags, and I have lost probably 5 lures in total over this period.

Set up is old Lee 8' 6" rod / Mitchell 300 / braid for spinning or Anon Shaw "Pike-Ledger" for deadbait, although I was jammy enough to get an early fibrelite 9'6" spinner rod recently cheaply which I used for the first time at Tewksbury, and which gave me my mad half hour!


(Sorry...newbie mistake, this was meant to be an answer in "anybody catching!"...mods feel free to move and I promise to pay more attention!)


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