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Linea Effe Trace Wire Empty Linea Effe Trace Wire

Post  Andy Webster on Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:46 pm

I picked up a 10 metre spool of Linea Effe trace wire from a local tackle shop a few months ago and made some lure traces with it.

You can see it at Sovereign Superbaits

It is a really nice wire that stands up to the repeated use of lure fishing and does not kink badly like the usual 7 strands do. I have had multiple catches on one trace with no sign of damage.

My only complaint is it only came with 12 crimps so I have had to buy some more. Not complaining though as it is inexpensive wire and will last for ages.

I used to use a 7 strand (either Drennan or Fox) which I still use for bait traces. However, I would not consider changing back to them after using Linea Effe.

Anyone else tried it?

Andy Webster

Andy Webster
Andy Webster
Andy Webster

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